SuperStatics Certification

The SuperStatics Exercise Certification Program

Serious Exercise is delighted to announce our new certification program.  Move over SuperSlow® Exercise Protocol…There’s a new standard in town… A standard far higher and more exacting and beneficial than SuperSlow ever could be... an exercise standard that eliminates almost all movement and thus almost all of the dangers and confusion of dynamic exercise.

We are already completing the certifications of several candidates who have applied for this new certification. It, like the SuperSlow Certification that Ken Hutchins designed, will have all the written, oral, and practical components. However, this exam will go much further into the exactitude and precision expected and required of instructors so SuperStatics Certified.

Practicum testing for cadence count and exercise positioning will remain as it always has been in SuperSlow instruction on several selected dynamic exercises, but this is not a SuperSlow Certification as the practicum is almost entirely composed of static exercises. Dynamics are not entirely dead or useless, but they are now in the background and of only occasional usefulness with some subjects compared to SuperStatics.

Using TimedStaticContraction (TSC), and/or static contraction with feedback, we now have the opportunity to provide exercise to subjects with marginalized health and mobility, to subjects who are unable to efficiently engage, to subjects who have deficient sensory feedback, and to subjects who cannot safely perform any kind of exertional movement.

As we have never respected the myriad of accredited programs now available, the SuperStatics Certification will avoid accreditation. If you want to learn and master the facts and proper procedures, join us. If you desire accreditation, go elsewhere.

Level I SuperStatics Certification price (including some but not all study materials) ….$695.00

Level II SuperStatics Certification price (including some but not all study materials) ….$1595.00

Click here for a more detailed description of the certification and the process.

Please contact Ken Hutchins by email at for specific details.